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Black Friday Shopping Predictions: Inside Info on The Biggest Deals This Year

Want to know what to expect this Black Friday? Read this article and get inside info on the biggest deals this year and discover the Black Friday shopping prediction!

With a month to go until the most popular shopping day of the year – Black Friday, shoppers will be searching the web in order to get a helpful insight into what promotions, deals, and discounts they may be able to get on November 24.

The reason why so many people purchase on Black Friday is because they can save a lot of money. For instance, if you want to buy a new TV, you surely can wait a few weeks and buy the TV for a half price.

Looking back at last year’s discounts and deals, we can give an indication of the type of products you can expect to see this Black Friday.

Last year’s popular shopping promotions surrounded video game consoles such as PlayStation4 Pro and Xbox One S and according to some predictions, this year’s will likely be no different. A popular Black Friday analysis – BFads.net predicts that Xbox One S consoles will be an even better deal because attention moves to XBox One X Project Scorpio from Microsoft.

Some other Black Friday shopping predictions are:

  • Apple Products – When we are talking about Apple Products we are referring to the newest iPad which was released in March this year and all the latest products and devices the company launched and announced at an event in late September.
  • Google Home and Google Mini – You can expect prices that are competitive with Amazon’s.
  • Televisions – The most popular and advertised deals and promotions each year for Black Friday are TVs. There are going to be a lot of retailers that will offer greatly discounted prices for this year’s Black Friday.
  • Toys – Many toy sellers and merchants have already announced their deals and released their holiday catalogs. If you were planning on buying new toys for your children, get these catalogs and see if there is something that you like.
  • Home and kitchen goods – A lot of stores usually fill their ads with home and kitchen deals and promotions.

What about Amazon? When will the Amazon Black Friday sale start?

Every year, Amazon organizes a pre-Black Friday sale which usually starts around November 1. If you were planning on purchasing online Amazon, you can start preparing as there are going to be some great deals this year. From November 1, the savings will get more aggressive, especially before Thanksgiving.

While there may be some short deals in early November, the final week before Black Friday will definitely bring special promotions.

There are a lot of great things you can expect from Amazon. This website is known for putting tech devices in the front during the major sales events. You can expect more of their new line of Alexa enabled items. Even though the Amazon Echo is no longer available, the Echo Plus, Echo Buttons, Echo Spot, Echo Connect or the second generation model will probably be available at a discounted price. The Echo Dot should also be available at a discounted price and go on sale for $30. Kindles and fire tablets should also have a special price.

The best time to shop is for Pre-Black Friday and Black Friday, as well as, the week of Cyber Monday. So, whenever you are ready and free, you can take advantage of the upcoming sales.

Please keep in mind that these are only predictions based on the last year’s promotions. Best Buy will start with promotions and deals on Thanksgiving Day, Walmart and Target will do the same thing, while Amazon deals will first present the deals for the Amazon Prime members which are expected on November 1.