Shopping on Black Friday – Good and Bad Sides of The Greatest Day for Deals in 2017

Being the big phenomenon that is it, it really is no wonder that there is a lot of talk behind black Friday. With that, come lots of different opinions and sometimes it is hard to figure out what you should believe and what you shouldn’t, which is why he are writing this article. Everything has their own pros and cons and the best thing to do before you decide on something is to carefully review them, and in this article we will provide you some pros and cons on black Friday in the hopes that they will help you decide whether shopping on this day is the thing for you or not.

Con: Risking injuries

Unfortunately, this is probably one of the biggest things that give black Friday shopping the bad reputation that it has gotten over the years. Injuries are a very scary thing, and to some people getting injured over a discounted TV or laptop is simply not worth it, and when you look at a statistic that says there have been 98 injuries on black Friday in the last 10 years, it is again easy to see why some people simply prefer to skip out on the day altogether and wait for cyber Monday.

Pro: You don’t pay for shipping

This is an obvious one, but we still think it is important to mention this since most people sometimes forget about this. Since you are doing all of your shopping in-store, that means that you not only get the product immediately, you also don’t have to pay for any shipping fees, which as we all know, can sometimes amount to more than the product itself. When shopping in-store, you also avoid the risk of having your package be late or not have it delivered at all, which is always a pain to sort out.

Pro: you get to see the items

Something that a lot of people don’t like about cyber Monday, despite the fact that they get to shop from the comfort of their own home, is that they don’t get to see and feel the items before they purchase them. Most people still prefer to do their shopping the old fashioned way, going store to store, trying on different items in a few different sized and seeing what does and doesn’t work form them on the stop. This is particularly a good perk if you are buying electronics, since you will also get to see if the products are in the right condition or not and if they are actually worth your money.

So, do you still think black Friday shopping is something that you can handle, or are you even more convinced that you don’t want to deal with the hustle? At the end of the day, having the information in front of you definitely helps, and it is up to you to make the right decision for yourself.

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